About Coach Scott

I’m Scott and I’ll be your coach! Currently, I’m a Gustavo Machado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and a Rangemaster Certified Firearms Instructor. My martial arts journey began in October of 2010, and it has been an amazing experience that I’d love to share with you.

This really has been a mind-blowing adventure. If you had sat me down with a list of all of the things I’d experience through my pursuits in Jiu-Jitsu, from places traveled to people met and friendships made, I wouldn’t have thought it possible. What I’ve learned, is that if you surround yourself with good people and keep an open mind, the possibilities are nearly endless. These academies are the latest extension of that experience. We’re going places, and I want you to be part of it.

Some of my other experiences are Wrestling (Go Rams!), Judo, Filipino Martial Arts, Kickboxing, firearms training (pistol, rifle, shotgun, long range), psychology of the violent criminal actor, bladed weapons training, short impact weapons training, OC (pepper) spray, legal use of lethal force seminars, defense of the home, managing unknown contacts, disaster preparedness, medical training (self defense/get them to the ambulance context), over a decade of autocross and road course racing experience, and I’ve even sat in on lectures on how to take care of your pets when things get bad!

As for my day job, I’ve been a Diagnostic Imaging Professional since 2004, traveling all over the country working in the areas of X-Ray, CT, and MRI. This, itself, has led to helping me further understand not only anatomy and physiology to a high degree, but to use that experience as my own personal data collection center on what really happens to people when they get hurt, shot, stabbed, are in a chemically altered state, etc. “The movies” and “old wives tales” have lied to you about what happens out there. I’ve seen it.

People and organizations I’ve been privileged to train with and under :

Jiu-Jitsu Ken Hudson :: Gustavo Machado :: Roberto “Gordo” Correa de Lima :: Henry Akins :: Ryron Gracie :: Roy Harris :: Relson Gracie :: Cole Miller :: Stephen Eakin :: Eli Knight :: Roger Gracie :: Shawn Williams ::

Firearms/Mindset/MedicalTactical Response :: Jim Higginbotham :: Larry Vickers :: Tom Givens :: Reid Henricks :: Brian Hill :: John Holschen :: Claude Werner :: Greg Ellifritz :: Caleb Causey :: John Murphy :: Dr. William Aprill :: Chuck Haggard :: Darryl Bolke :: Sean Brogan :: Dennis Raines :: Dr Sherman House :: Eli Miller :: Karl Rehn :: Massad Ayoob :: Dr Lauren Pugliese :: Lee Weems :: Paul Sharp ::

Bladed/Impact WeaponsMorgan Atwood :: Ian Wendt :: Chris Fry :: Larry Lindenman :: Eli Knight ::

Motorsports Experience – Dozens of Autocross events with SCCA, several Course Marshal weekends with SCCA, and 3 years of HPDE (high performance driving event) and Road Course racing with NASA (the race people, not the space people).

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