The next step is control over another person without sacrificing control over ourself. Here is where the kids start to learn the fundamentals of grappling in a relatively safe and fun environement.

Then the rubber really starts to hit the road for the kids.  Here, we start healthy competitive work with big doses of added resistance begin to become the focus.  Our self defense work starts to take real shape, and gets pressure tested in this class. 

We start with the most fundamental of the fundamentals.  Here we start and focus on body movements and control.  That may not sound like a challenge, but I can promise you, it’s work!

About Our School

These classes will focus primarily on body movements, self defense (mental, verbal, and physical), discipline, physical fitness, critical thinking skills, anti-bullying, and personal growth.

This is not just a thing that will serve your child in the temporary.  These are lessons that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

  • “Scott is a fantastic instructor. Hes able to not only teach techniques, but to explain the when, where, and why of those techniques. He is exceptional at relating the theory to the real world applications. All that, and my daughter loves his instruction! Shes timid, and not all instructors work for her, but she loves Scott. I gave 5 stars because the dont offer 6.”

    Mike M.
    Parent of Little Kids Class Student
  • “I enrolled my son in the “little kids” class. He’s a good kid but sometimes he wants to give up immediately if he struggles with something new. These lessons were no different. Thankfully, Scott has been very patient with these kids and I’ve noticed that he’s good at encouraging my child to continue to try while also knowing when to move on to something else before the kids in this age group decide they are “over it.” This seems to work well with all of the students, not just my son. All of the kids seem to really enjoy class. Scott incorporates games towards the end of some classes that reiterate some of the lessons and techniques they learn and it is a big hit with the kids. It’s an affordable option to help your child expend some energy while learning new skills in a positive and safe environment.”

    Andrew J
    Parent of Little Kids Class Student
  • “Y’all come join us!!! We love Mr. Scott! So awesome with the kids!”

    Charlie W.
    Parent of Tiny Kids Class Student

What Parents Say